The technique is simple and revolutionary. The question is to establish the pigments as far as the first lamina of the skin, that is to say as far as the superficial bed of the skin between the derma and the granular beds. This technique is different from the tattooing, which establishes the colors as far as the derma and which is permanent. The permanent make-up technique is, in fact, semi-permanent.Being a woman, it’s to feel beautiful and faultless at everytime. Today, with Permanent Make-up, every woman’s dream becomes reality... Nice fleshy lips, an underlined and intensified glance, stylized eyebrows .... Your beauty is permanent. Sophisticated or natural, each one of us will affirm her style and personality. Sincerely yours, signature de Danny Attali

Permanent make up eyes eye liner

Permanent Make-up

When we practise eyes permanent make-up, we draw their outline, this long-standing technique will be able to replace subtly the daily use of your eye-liner. The eye outline will be draw in different ways making your look denser by the underlining of yours eyes with an eye-liner line. The permanent make-up duration varies from one to four years following the lines thickness.

Permanent Make up eyebrows

Permanent Make-up

The eyebrows permanent make-up often adresses women that they have hairiness trouble but it can draw the eyebrows shape and give them a new shade for womens who the look don't emphasize their face. We start by tracing a line with a thin pencil in order to calibrate the eyebrows, then we pigment with a sterile needle. Be quiet for one or four years following the choosen pigment.

Permanent make up lips

Permanent Make-up

For those considering their lips too thin or those who the mouth shade is too light to sublimate their smile, the permanent make-up draw your mouth and give it back its sensuality. Your mouth is softly asymmetrical, your lips have irregular pigmentation, the permanent make-up of your lips will solve your little complexes for one or three years following the used colour.

Repairing Make-up


The permanent make-up... an exceptional tool of “esthetic repair”. The physical defects and incompletion of birth or which have occurred following an accident are no a fatality. Thanks to this technique, a very precious recourse is offered to those who suffer from defects. Then, a mutilated by a hare nozzle or a skin disease is transformed as by enchantment.


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